April 30, 2011


Street photography is my favorite.
Movement of people on the streets, their spontaneity, each possessed with their problems (or happiness), not knowing that somebody photograph them ... it is all very interesting for me. I usually find some secret place where nobody can see me, and taking photographs of everything that is interesting for my eye. And believe me on street have many interesting things, situations, events to photograph.


  1. These are perfect, each and every one!

  2. some of them i found so meaningful and some are simply innocent like the little girl standing in fron of the shop window and her head againt the lamp (i guess) a small guy with his banana bike, a boy again with a futbol. all are so b'ful. in fact your talent cannot be described by any word. the way u c the world is ofcourse very different.

    in case, u want to c how i look at the world, just come over.

  3. Wonderful collection of photos in B & W. Happy weekend.


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